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  • You know, Betty shops at Roadkill Ranch. Look for Newsline OC's exclusive interview with her over drinks at Mulberry Street Ristorante.
    May 2, 2016, 7:35pm

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• Are Rom-Coms dangerous for women?  Read about it in Quartz.

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• Small talk keeps the world turning.  Read about it in the Washington Post, via  Quartz.


Events for Your Calendar

Fullerton Day of Music

  • Website Is Up And Running

    The anticipated new and improved Day of Music website is live and ready to rock. It is the official place to find all the essential resources and tools to make this event even more spectacular. The history of the festival, pictures from last year’s event and ways to get involved in this year’s DOM are featured within the website. Choose to support the event by donating, becoming a sponsor or a member. Volunteers are welcomed to sign up to help make the day runs as smoothly as possible. Read More


  • Wednesday Art classes at Museum Center

    Art and history will unite for a series of creative classes at the Fullerton Museum Center’s popular Wednesday Art Studio for children in first through sixth grade. Participants will be able to explore the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, China, Medieval Europe, and more, through drawing, painting, oil pastels, metalworking, clay, papier mache, and fused glass. Read More


  • City watering scheduled adjusted

    At the City Council Meeting on December 15, 2015, a winter watering schedule was approved by the City Council, limiting outdoor watering of lawn and other turf areas to one day per week, effective immediately through April 30, 2016, as additional measures of the third phase of Fullerton’s drought response plan.The new schedule permits watering before 8 a.m. Read More

  • Be a part of the District Elections Mapping community process!

    请参与绘制行政区的地图过程。欲知详情,请查看: • • • • • • • Xin quý vị tham gia tiến trình Vẽ Bản Đồ cho Các Địa Hạt Bầu Cử của cộng đồng! Để biết thêm chi tiết, xin vui lòng đến viếng trang mạng: • • • • • • • 지역구 선거제 실시를 위한 범 컴뮤니티적 지도 만들기작업에 여러분의 참여를 부탁 드립니다. 이에 관해 더 상세한 정보를 원하시면 아래의 링크를 클릭해 주십시요. • • • • • • • ¡Sea parte del proceso comunitario para la creación de los mapas de Distritos Electorales! Para mayor información, favor de visitar el portal de la internet: Read More



  • photography and life's lessons

    Mom and dad were both journalists in the 1960s Los Angeles and later. They fit the mold of the stereotype: hard to get along with, heavy drinkers and absolute jerks of intolerance for anything not true or accurate. Read More

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