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Introducing: Super(fluous) Episode 1

Super(fluous) is about super heroes in a world filled with super heroes--a story of three aspiring super heroes/roommates trying to make their mark fighting crime when they can barely hold down a job, get a date or manage their powers.

Super(fluos)! appears in and LocalStories.US on a semi-regular basis and is created by Siobhan Doherty and Sean Harrigan.

Mark Your Calendar

 Photo and text by Davis Barber --

Funny thing these storms.  Yesterday around 5 I was sitting down to edit a fairly big project I’ve been working on and BOOM, out goes the power. Not the biggest of things to deal with, but an inconvenience for sure. 

After calling Carrie’s folks to make sure they were okay, I starting seeing the street lights come on. Then the neighbors. Then, well, not ours. Soon thereafter our neighbor calls to say there is a power line in his yard and that he thinks it’s ours.  He’s right. Worse, the winds knocked over one of our larger trees and it took out the poser, phone, cable lines and untold birds. 

Fulelrton Fire came out and said not go in the back, SCE said it’s high priority and they’ll be here quickly and not to worry.  Just stay out of the back yard and keep the dogs inside.  To cut to the chase, SCE didn’t make it until 6:30 this morning, only to say they’ll come back with a crew later, maybe today. They did, we were back live by 1:30 in the afternoon.  No real harm done other than a cold night in bed and anxious dogs.

Truth is, we got off lucky. Compared to the folks on the street with nowhere to go, we got it made.  Compared to the folks who died, we have no problems whatsoever.  Better yet, we finally got the boys off-screen for a few hours and even had a nice candlelight dinner at home.  It was really quite nice. 

Let’s hold some good thoughts for and maybe take some dry blankets and clothes to some of the folks out there who need our help. There’s a lot of them. 

One place to help locally is the Coast to Coast Foundation.


  • CSUF Helps Small Businesses Prepare for Disaster

    Administered by Cal State Fullerton’s Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, the network’s seven centers are now offering continuity training to help small businesses anticipate, prepare and recover in the case of a natural disaster. The Seismic Safety Commission grant awarded $220,000 to fund the effort. “The focus is to help businesses plan how they will respond both during and after, say a large earthquake,” said Michael Daniel, director of the CSUF Small Business Development Center. “We’re helping business owners develop individualized disaster preparedness plans that are best suited for their business and operations.” Read More

In Memorium

  • Janis Mcmaken wienberger

    Janis Weinberger, owner of the Claremont COURIER newspaper and longtime advocate for senior services in Claremont, died peacefully in her sleep at Pilgrim Place Health Services Center on February 2, 2017. She was 90. She was born on September 4, 1926 in Fort Wayne, Indiana to Francis “Frank” McMaken, who worked for the railroad in management, and Loretta McMaken, a homemaker. Her two older siblings, Dorothy and Raymond, were 11 and 9 when she was born. READ THE FULL STORY ON THE CLAREMONT COURIER WEBSITE. Enjoy a video of her life. Read More


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